Erie Construction ReviewsSelecting your home improvement company is an important decision – it determines the quality of products and installation service you receive and ultimately impacts your home’s thermal efficiency, curb appeal, and resale value. Before you decide to work with Erie Construction, we encourage you to take a look at some of our past customers’ reviews so that you can feel confident about entrusting us with your home improvement project. Please see our reviews below.

Erie Construction is a full-service home improvement company that provides homeowners with a wide range of products and services, such as window replacement, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, siding installation, roofing replacement, and more. Over the years, we’ve helped more than 100,000 homeowners find solutions to their needs, and we hope to add you to our growing list of satisfied customers.

Former Roofer Gives Erie Construction 5 Stars

Posted on: April 18, 2011 by Rex Smith of Tecumseh, MI 5 Stars

product Erie Metal Roofs

The job was wonderful. The workers were wonderful. They did an excellent job installing it, and they finished ahead of schedule! My sales representative was Erik, he was simply amazing and explained to me the ins-and-outs of the metal roofing. He sailed me through it, compiled the paperwork, and kept me informed throughout the entire process. It's one year out, and my roof still looks brand new!

Being a retired roofer, the installers were very accommodating of my questions and curiosity. I'm absolutely thrilled with the product! If you're going to have something done, and it's going to be for a lifetime, you should have the professionals do it. With Erie Construction, they manufacture their own materials, and they stand behind them. I have Erie Construction do all of my remodeling!

Restoring My Victorian Home with an Erie Metal Roof

Posted on: April 18, 2011 by David McCarty of Fostoria, OH 4.5 Stars

product Erie Metal Roofs

We had a typical black asphalt shingle roof that was 20-30 years old. We purchased the house four years ago, and we want to live in it for a lifetime so I wanted to put a roof on here that we'd never have to mess with again.

I think Erie Construction did a great job. It was completed in just over a week. The whole experience with Erie Construction was a really positive one. They wanted us to be happy and comfortable with our purchase. With the guarantee and the quality of work, I would definitely recommend Erie Construction to our friends and family! We've had many people stop and ask us about our roof, and I gladly tell them that it was Erie Construction!

Preserving our Home for our Children

Posted on: April 18, 2011 by Karen Buskirk of Tiffin, OH 4.5 Stars

product Erie Metal Roofs

Before Erie Construction, our roof was drab and dingy, it was starting to leak, and we had mold! We knew it was time to do something! Had I known what I was going to get, I would have done it years ago! Our roof is guaranteed for the next 50 years, and we're pleased knowing that our children will be able to inherit our home with a trustworthy roof.

We would absolutely use Erie Construction for future remodeling, and we'll absolutely recommend them for our friends! Having a metal roof is probably one of the best investments we've ever made!

Protecting our Home with an Erie Metal Roof

Posted on: April 18, 2011 by Thomas Boyce of Toledo, OH 5 Stars

product Erie Metal Roofs

We wanted to make sure our house was safe for our two children. We felt we needed a roof that could make us feel safe and comfortable in our home. We just recently had a lot of harsh weather, and our roof from Erie Construction held up wonderfully! We're very thankful we were able to make the call to get such qualified, professional people out to do the work for us.

I'm very pleased with what Erie Construction has done for our home. The knowledgeable, hard-working installers had my roof installed in just over three days, it looks beautiful, and we've gotten a lot of compliments from our neighbors!

Saving our First Home with an Erie Metal Roof

Posted on: April 18, 2011 by Michelle Monahan of Hillsdale, MI 5 Stars

product Erie Metal Roofs

Our insurance company had given us 2 years to replace our old roof, or we could be in danger of losing our homeowner's insurance; or worse, we could be in danger or losing our home entirely! Erie Construction did a wonderful job, they were very pleasant to work with, and our metal roof was installed in just 3 days! I absolutely love the look the metal shingle gives our home!

This is our first home, we love it here, and we plan on being here a long time. So it was important to us to have something that was going to last! We truly believe that the metal roof from Erie Construction was a great investment!

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  • I was satisfied with the overall experience working with Erie Construction Midwest.3246 days ago in Midland, MI
  • I was most satisfied with the guys who came to install the windows. They were very nice and professional. They also did what they needed to do in a timely manner, which I enjoyed.3246 days ago in Parma, OH
  • I would like to recognize the whole crew at Erie Construction Midwest for their exceptional service. They did a good job.3246 days ago in Baldwin, IA
  • I was most satisfied with the salesman and his professionalism. The supervisor on the work was very good about letting us know what was going on with the work during the project. The post installation inspector was good about getting any issues that we had corrected in a timely manner.3247 days ago in E Galesburg, IL
  • The service was really good. They crew was quick, clean, kind, and had good professional interaction.3247 days ago in Ypsilanti, MI
  • I was most satisfied that they were polite people and they seemed to be conscientious about the work they were doing. I was rather impressed with them.3247 days ago in Weaver, IA
  • The crew was very good. They worked diligently. The weather was not real good and they ended up having to work through it. They also worked through the weekend on this job.3247 days ago in St Johns, MI
  • Garrel was excellent. He had a good sense of humor and sold the project well. He made us feel like friends. The kid that was with him was good as well.3247 days ago in Florissant, MO
  • We are really impressed with the workmanship of the basement windows. They are strong and they cut out the draft. The quality of the door is good as well.3247 days ago in Florissant, MO
  • The installer, Seally, and the salesperson Christopher both provided me with exceptional service.3247 days ago in Canton, OH

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