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Corporate Responsibility

Since its founding, Erie Construction carries the philosophy that our leadership and employees should strive to act as responsible corporate citizens. We continually protect the health and safety of our employees, customers, and neighbors as we support stronger, sustainable communities.

Erie Construction has helped to pave this road to sustainability with our premiere line of energy efficient products, but we consistently develop new ideas and ways of thinking to grow and operate in a way that is conscientious and sound. Our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection is the cornerstone of our organization, and we live these values every day.

Social Responsibility

Our Founders believed that giving back to our community and making it a better place for everyone to live and work is a long term strategy for a successful business. We encourage our employees to be active in their community through volunteering, charity, and fundraisers. Erie Construction will continue to aid communities here in the United States and abroad by giving to education funds, disaster relief, public health and cancer funds, and humanitarian charities.

Environmental Responsibility

Erie Construction is committed every day to making our business a model for community sustainability by conducting regular self-assessments of our purchasing, manufacturing, and disposal methodologies. We've gained a complete understanding of how our products impact the environment, and we continually make improvements to our resource conservation and waste management remediation processes. Many of our products are made from recycled or reclaimed materials, and our disposal units from job sites are processed individually to ensure we maximize our recycling opportunities.

Economic Responsibility

As a leader in the home improvement industry, Erie Construction's innovative line of products and services continue to improve the lives of thousands of U.S. Residents. We strive to provide our customers with a product that maximizes its value and returns on their investment. By continuing this philosophy, we empower our employees for personal development and learning and maintain a consistent record of growth for our company.

Community Involvement

Erie Construction has a long-standing commitment to the local communities in which we operate. Enhancing the quality of life and building positive relationships with our customers and their communities has been an investment that continues to drive our company. One of the many ways Erie Construction and our employees provide support for local communities is our charitable outreach efforts. We encourage our employees to involve themselves with local charities, whether it be an afternoon at a Humane Society, or a charitable fundraiser.

The local community is the keystone to our business methodology. Recently, Erie Construction staff gathered upwards of $800 in gift cards and home amenities for the Aurora house, a vital community resource for women and children which had recently experienced a fire and lost many of the resources they depend on.

Overseas and Abroad

At Erie Construction, we focus our support on organizations that ensure healthy vibrant communities here in the United States and to charitable organizations and countries overseas. Erie Construction continually contributes to many charities and disaster relief funds that benefit communities and nations all around the world. Our most recent contribution included a $13,000 donation to the disaster relief fund following the 2011 Japan earthquake.

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Erie Construction is a member of both the Metal Roofing Alliance and the National Roofing Contractors Association meaning top quality service and materials!

Metal Roofing Alliance National Roofing Contractors Association
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